About Us



XOCHI BOTANICALS is the first French Mexican Brand of natural beauty products.

It is a fusion of the French spirit with a Mexican heart.


We Believe…

…we can create an authentic alliance between Efficiency, a Respectful Naturality and a Harmonious Sophistication…

…so we can inspire women from all horizons, in a Community of Passions and Endeavors…

…driven by Emotions, Pleasure and Respect…

…and committed in challenging the codes of the Beauty industry for the benefit of the planet and women interest.

By designing…

 …environmentally friendly products,

 …mindful of women concerns for authenticity and beauty expectations,

 …inspired by natural ingredients from Mexico’s unique biodiversity,

 …presented in an innovative packaging to protect contents and provide a   pleasurable experience.



Founded by Francois-Xavier Girou and Michele Pla in 2019,

All the products are developed using in harmony the two cultures, keeping in mind the strong values of the brand: NATURAL, RESPECTFUL, AUTHENTIC, INNOVATIVE, EFFICIENT, INSPIRATIONAL.

XOCHI BOTANICALS is the first French Mexican brand of natural beauty. The brand combines the French sophistication, experience and technology with Mexican iconic natural ingredients. French spirit, Mexican heart!

Our products are manufactured in Mexico following the best standards of the cosmetic industry. Our products are paraben free, gluten free, not tested on animals, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. Suitable for men and woman, our products are suitable for all ages and for all skin types.

We preferentially use recycled PET and glass packaging, we don’t use plastic covers around our boxes, and our exfoliating gels have coconut and nut shells instead of plastic micro balls.

We participate in a social and economic development program in the State of Oaxaca which supports the community involved in the  cultivation of the Jamaica Flower. (XOCHI JAMAICA).